Circadian Optics Luxy Light Therapy Lamp


Its matte textured dark grey color stands out in a crowd of white. The subtle use of light grey and orange beveling around the frame and switch adds to the sophistication of the lamp.

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Symmetrical and minimalist, this versatile design fits as well in a home as it does in an office. It’s perfectly square top-to-bottom light panel and integrated stand create a bold, modern aesthetic. Right angles and straight lines give it a clean, sharp look.

  • The cycle of day and night regulates everything from the ocean tides to each cell in our body. Our response to light is primal.
  • Light helps adjust your body clock. By stimulating receptors in our eyes, our bodies know when it’s time to wake up and when to sleep.
  • Our lamp provides this bright light when you can’t get it naturally; either because it’s too dark outside or if you are unable to spend time outdoors.

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