Enso Rings Braided Stackable Silicone Bracelet


The circle (bracelet) is a form that encompasses everything within it and is a symbolic meaning of connectedness. Representing your journey and reminding you of the history and times you’ve had along the way.

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  • For most, they are solely an item of style – although bracelets are an element of style, they carry a symbolic meaning of connectedness.
  • Bracelets carry a meaning deeper than the product they are wearing. They allow those apart to feel connected.
  • Many refer to the bracelets they wear as friendship bracelets – reminding you of that friend and the history you’ve had together.
  • Black = Willpower/Resolutions, White = Peace/Protection, Grey = Patience/Understanding, Pink = Romance/Tenderness
  • Buy with confidence knowing Every Enso Bracelet is backed by our Lifetime Guarantee.

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