Human Bobber Bottoms Up Life Jacket

Throw away those inflatables, noodles, and other single-function human life vests taking up valuable space on your boat, and enjoy the revolutionary new 2-in-1 invertible Bobber life jacket!

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These life jackets for humans are as comfortable as they are practical. The segmented foam panels allow for breathability, flexibility, and added comfort in your swimming life jacket. The panelized design ventilates air to keep the user cool during hot days on the water, and the panels flex with the user to create a form-fitting design along with deep arm holes that allow for a full range of upper body motion.

  • MULTI PURPOSE – Throw away those noodles and inflatables – enjoy the revolutionary new 2-in-1 invertible human lifejacket! For sailing life, watersports, and fun, the Bottoms Up life jackets can be your very own life aquatic pants or vest.
  • TOP OR BOTTOM – Wear our saddle flotation device up for sports or down like shorts. Whether you like your life jacket on top like a vest or on the bottom like a saddle, these life jackets for have a position for you.
  • COAST GUARD APPROVED – This kayak life jacket for floating is the world’s first multifunctional Coast Guard-approved Type III personal flotation device and floating saddle. The multi-directional dual-sliding zipper gives you aquatic pants and human life vests all in one.
  • ALL DAY COMFORT – The segmented foam panels in this swimming life jacket allow for breathability, flexibility, and added comfort, and the panelized design creates air ventilation which will keep you cool during your midday kayak adventure.
  • WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT – Enjoy these floaty pants hands free and wear them how you want. Enjoy this form-fitting Bobbers life jacket that that wears like a large t-shirt and allows for a perfect fit for both passive and active recreational use. Whether you want it on the top or the bottom, enjoy this closed cell PVC foam life jacket how you like it – whatever floats your boat.

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