Pricetitution Card Game

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Flexible game time from 30 minutes to 3 hours, perfect for dinner party games and consistently one of the top card games for adults!


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With 4 offers on Shark Tank and reaching #1 on Kickstarter, your absurd conversations are now a game: PRICETITUTION!

Each round everyone discusses writes down how much money it would take one player, “The Pricetitute,” to do whatever a card says. The closest guess to their answer wins. Then lovingly argue, rethink all your friendships, and actually get to know each other much better.

  • AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK: Receiving offers from 4 Sharks, Pricetitution asks one simple question: “How much money would it take you to ___________? It explores your fears, funny ideas, and philosophical arguments, plus you can easily play it over video (Zoom, Google, etc.)!!
  • LOADS OF CONTENT: Includes 130 Price Tag cards, guessing notepads, 6 mini-pencils, and simple instructions in an easy to carry handheld box. Many cards were specifically written so you can play them again and again even with the same group! Consistently one of the top card games for adults, perfect as a dinner party game, or just a fun gift!
  • FLEXIBLE GAME TIMES: Play for 30 minutes or 3 hours with 3 or more adults (made for ages 16+ but just remove about 15 cards to play with anyone!). You’re a grown up so we trust ya with creative license 🙂 Go ahead and modify the details of the cards based on your friends. This is why it’s consistently one of the best adult games for groups and is sure to be a conversation starter!
  • A PERFECT PARTY GAME: Watch grown adults banter back and forth on what it would cost them to get a tattoo of the last thing they ate. You’ll see why we hit #1 on Kickstarter out of 300,000 projects. Not only one of the best adult games for parties, but also one of the top rated drinking card games for your perfect pregame 😉
  • GET TO KNOW ANYONE BETTER: For friends or strangers, you’ll accidentally get to know each other way too well. Get your night going with one of the best card games based on the conversations you already have! And be honest, you’ve done worse for 20 bucks.

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