SnapClips Barbell Collars | Pair of Premium 2” Olympic Barbell Clamps


SnapClips lock onto a wide range of both general and specialty bars, making them the most versatile and reliable barbell collars on the market.

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Just snap them on, lock them down, and you’re ready to go. For more details, check out our how to. HEAVY DUTY COLLARS: Made from Kevlar, We’ve designed SnapClips to withstand thousands and thousands of uses, drops, and hours of consistent abuse. SnapClips hold up in the toughest Powerlifting gyms, Strongman gyms, CrossFit gyms, Garage gyms, Home gyms, and even Commercial gyms and Colleges/ Universities. Barbell Compatibility: All 2 inch barbells, Standard Barbell, Olympic Barbell, Trap/Hex Bar, SafetySquat/Yoke Bar, Cambered Bar, Swiss Bar, EZ Curl Bar, The Log, Axle Bar, Farmers Carry Handles, and more. Does not fit the small 1 inch bar. Say goodbye to annoying metal spring clips, plastic collars that break, and expensive collars that don’t hold your weights in place.

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