Genius Juice Organic Coconut Smoothie


Rich in potassium, electrolytes, good fats, and MCT’s (medium chain triglycerides. No added sugars, no gums, and no preservatives.

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What makes us so ‘Genius’ you may ask? It’s the fact we blend the entire inside of the coconut into a bottle. We source organic, fresh, young thai coconuts, called ‘Nam Hom’ coconuts. We extract the coconut water and the coconut meat and blend the two together to make a creamy, delicious & filling organic coconut smoothie. Move over coconut water, there is a new coconut drink in town!

  • 100 % Organic
  • Only 2 Base Ingredients: Coconut Water and Coconut Meat
  • Creamy, thick, filling, meal replacement value
  • No water added
  • No Gums, no stabilizers, no added sugars, no preservatives

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