Season 5

Season 5 Episode 2

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Shark Tank season 5 episode 2 introduces chic fashion accessories for dogs; a breathalyzer app; gourmet mango preserves; an update on the creator of spa-quality body scrubs.

Season 5 Episode 2 in depth

John Paul Mitchell Systems co-founder John Paul DeJoria and New York Giants owner Steve Tisch appeared as guest sharks this season.

In season 5 episode 2, there is no guest judge.

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You have to understand the language of business.

Robert Herjavec

We listed below every entrepreneur and business who has appeared on Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 2. Many scammers claim they’ve received big investments from the Sharks or they have been on the show. They were not actually on Shark Tank if you don’t see a business on this list. Some of the top places you can use to check are on Wikipedia and also ABC’s episode guide.

List with all the appearances in season 5 episode 2:

Shark Tank Air Date: 09/27/13 – Season 5 – Episode 2

Mango Mango
Photo: amangoparty

Mango Mango – Mango Preserves

$75,000 for 20%NO DEALNO SHARK

Entrepreneurs: Nzinga Teule-Hekima, Lakesha Brown-Renfro, and Tanecia Willis

Mango Mango are fruit preserves that are wildly popular among the crowds that attend the parties organized by these three go-getter founders. Finally they decided to make the preserves for retail sale, appropriately described as a party in a jar.

There are over 100 ways to use Mango Mango to liven up your menu. Spread it on bread or crackers, mix with cream cheese to make a dip, combine with vinegar and olive oil to make vinaigrettes and marinades, or invent your own!

Mango’ Mango Preserves can now be found in all Whole Foods in the Mid-Atlantic region and Specialty &  Gourmet stores nationwide. Since then, the revenue for ‘Mango Mango’ soared to over a million dollars in sales. 

Breathometer Smartphone Breathalyzer
Photo: breathometer

Breathometer Smartphone Breathalyzer

$250,000 for 10%$1,000,000 for 30%Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Daymond John

Entrepreneurs: Charles Yim

Breathometer makes breathalyzer tests accessible for consumers by leveraging users’ smartphones. Easily plugging into any smartphone’s audio jack, Breathometer makes it easier than ever to gauge your blood alcohol content.

The user simply exhales onto the sensor and the results are displayed onscreen, much like using any other breathalyzer. Breathometer’s smartphone app also estimates how long until a user may be able to drive safely again, and can even call you a local cab if needed.

Breathometer was founded in 2012 by Charles Michael Yim, a serial entrepreneur who had earlier founded three startup companies including Chatterfly, a mobile loyalty platform for businesses that was acquired by Plum District.

The company was partly funded through preorders collected via an Indiegogo crowd-sourcing campaign, which ran until April 2013.

Kane and Couture
Photo: Amazon

Kane & Couture – Fashion for Dogs

$150,000 for 33%$150,000 for 40%Daymond John and Lori Greiner

Entrepreneurs: Amber Lee Forrester

Kane & Couture sells trendy yet affordable accessories for stylish pups. For stylish dog lovers, Kane & Couture offers doggie apparel, harnesses, collars, leashes, and carriers in a range of styles, from urban-chic, to sporty, to glam.

Even their doggie poopie bag holder is attractively styled in gray denim and decked with shiny studs! The company runs three brands: The Kane & Couture Signature line, Bubba Dog Collection, and Imperial Pup.

You can get trendy carriers, chic leather leashes and intricate pleated and scalloped collars. Kane & Couture is an urban chic pet apparel line takes pet apparel and accessories to a new level. 

Man Medals
Photo: themanmedals

Man Medals – Novelty Awards

$10,000 for 10%NO DEALNO SHARK

Entrepreneurs: Jim O’Brien

Man Medals rewards men for doing simple chores like putting dirty clothes in the hamper, replacing the toilet paper roll, taking out the garbage, running the vacuum cleaner, asking for directions, or putting down the toilet seat. 

Jim O’Brien took The Man Medal idea and started a kickstarter project to raise capital and get these into production. Taking a funny idea like Man Medals that began online and putting it in stores. It all came from a running joke with his wife Kathi.


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