Season 5

Season 5 Episode 10

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Shark Tank season 5 episode 10 introduces a popular knee-high boot sock sold online; a stylish clutch for essential items; a way for kids to create and personalize lunchbox designs; customized chocolate bars; artisan cheese and glazed donut sandwiches.

Season 5 Episode 10 in depth

John Paul Mitchell Systems co-founder John Paul DeJoria and New York Giants owner Steve Tisch appeared as guest sharks this season.

In season 5 episode 10, there is no guest judge.

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I keep a constant diary of where I’m at and why I’m there.

Kevin O’Leary

We listed below every entrepreneur and business who has appeared on Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 10. Many scammers claim they’ve received big investments from the Sharks or they have been on the show. They were not actually on Shark Tank if you don’t see a business on this list. Some of the top places you can use to check are on Wikipedia and also ABC’s episode guide.

List with all the appearances in season 5 episode 10:

Shark Tank Air Date: 11/22/13 – Season 5 – Episode 10


Chocomize – Custom Chocolate Bars

$500,000 for 20%NO DEALNO SHARK

Entrepreneurs: Joe Dauenhauer

The Chocomize business is to deliver on-demand custom chocolates direct to the consumer. You can select the type of base chocolate and choose from a wide variety of toppings with up to 300 million possible combinations.

Chocomize also caters to corporate customers looking for unique promotional gifts, as Chocomize’s chocolate bars and packaging can also be customized to include their company logo.

It also allows for users to customize chocolate bars with toppings, and even pictures and messages. The user chooses a shape. Next, they choose the flavor of milk, dark, or white, and the option to add up to five toppings with a selection of 100. 

Yubo Personalized Lunch Box
Photo: Amazon

Yubo – Personalized Lunch Box

$150,000 for 15%$150,000 for 20%Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec

Entrepreneurs: Cyndi Pedrazzi, Paul Pedrazzi and Dan Harden

Yubo is a better and brighter lunchbox that kids and their parents can appreciate. Children love the interchangeable inserts that go into the front panel, which allows them to change the look of the lunchbox when they please. Parents love that they don’t have to buy another lunchbox again! Designed for maximum style and cleanliness, Yubo is also easy to wipe down or even toss in the dishwasher.

The founders of Yubo are husband and wife team Paul and Cindy Pedrazzi. YuBo also comes with containers and a custom ice pack.

The handle can be repositioned anywhere along the outside of the lunchbox – carry it vertically, horizontally, or clip it to your backpack. When it’s time to wash the lunchbox, simply take off the outside lunchbox lids and pop the whole thing in the dishwasher. Yubo lunchbox comes with a designer faceplate set (2 prints) that can be swapped out to make way for other faceplate sets as kids’ tastes change.


Grace and Lace
Photo: Amazon

Grace & Lace

$175,000 for 10%$175,000 for 10% – half goes to line of creditBarbara Corcoran

Entrepreneurs: Melissa Hinnant and Rick Hinnant

Grace and Lace makes fashion-forward frilly socks, scarves and hair accessories. The company grew off the surge in popularity of the layered look of frilly socks peeking out of boots. Grace and Lace also helps the less fortunate. The company puts a portion of every sales into building orphanages in India.

Grace and Lace started when Melissa had the idea for a cute little lacey sock. The founders, Rick and Melissa Hinnant snagged a deal with real estate mogul Barbara Corcora. Grace and Lace clothing company is also specialized in lace.

Most of their sales are generated online, through their strong social media presence and Etsy store front. The profit margins on the products are incredibly high. For example, boot leggings cost just $5.00 to make and can be sold for $34.00. 

Photo: Amazon


$55,000 for 12%$55,000 for 15%Lori Greiner

Entrepreneurs: Jenn Deese and Kelley Coughlan

Pursecase is an ultra-minimalist purse, built to have room for just your phone and precious few other essentials, such as a bit of cash, your ID and a credit card or two. Not to skimp on style, Pursecase has an attractive chain handle to complete the purse-like look and feel.

The PurseCaseis a patented phone case designed to carry your smartphone and most important essentials. 

PurseCase comes in a variety of colors to help accessorize with any outfit, always with a stylish handle with doubles as a bracelet, and even includes a compact mirror. 


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