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Season 1 Episode 11

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Shark Tank season 1 episode 11 introduces a husband and wife team from Glen Allen, Virginia trying to sell their successful child-care business. But when asked what the actual value of the company is, the air of pleasantry turns to tension. Next into the Tank is a chef from Folson, California, trying to get an investment for her delicious salad mix. Most of the Sharks are concerned about investing, however, when she reveals that she had to pull the product off the shelves. A man from Philadelphia pitches a three-dimensional helmet, to which he has the patent. Next, a man from Franklin, Tennessee learns that you need to come prepared when pitching a product to the Sharks and a man from New Jersey hopes that the Sharks will invest into his golf ball cleaner.

Season 1 Episode 11 in depth

In this first season as sharks in every episode appear Kevin HarringtonDaymond JohnKevin O’LearyBarbara Corcoran, and Robert Herjavec 

In this season 1 episode 11, there is no guest judge.

Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington is an American business executive and entrepreneur born in 1956. He has appeared as Keynote Speaker on the American annual invention trade show Inpex 2012 and on the television series Shark Tank.

Harrington became a Chairman and Senior Executive Officer of H & H Imports Inc. and a Member of the Advisory Board at AbsolutelyNew, Inc.

Source: Wikipedia

From 2006 to 2008, Harrington was the Director of Infusion Brands International, Inc.. In 2007, he became the Executive Director of ResponzeTV Plc and the Chief Executive Officer of ResponzeTV Plc, then a year later, in 2008, he left both positions.

Harrington was one of the first investors and Sharks members on the ABC TV series Shark Tank from its beginning in 2009. Two seasons later, in 2011, he left the show.

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A good entrepreneur never takes ‘no’ for an answer, but a smart businessman knows when to move on.

Robert Herjavec

We listed below every entrepreneur and business who has appeared on Shark Tank Season 1 Episode 11. Many scammers claim they’ve received big investments from the Sharks or they have been on the show. If you don’t see a business on this list, they were not actually on Shark Tank. Some of the top places you can use to check are on Wikipedia and also ABC’s episode guide.

List with all the appearances in season 1 episode 11:

Shark Tank Air Date: 01/08/10 – Season 1 – Episode 11

Chef in Black, inc

$50,000 for 10%$50,000 for 35%Barbara Corcoran

Entrepreneur: Dorene Humason

Chef in Black is a tasty blend of all-natural spices and seasonings turn into salad dressing. Dorene Humason was willing to give for a 10% stake in her business for $50,000.00 but later agreed for 35%. Currently in 1300 stores. Deal with Barbara Corcoran for $50k and 35% of the business.


Hell’s Bells Helmets

$500,000 for 20%$500,000 for 50%Daymond John

Entrepreneur: Marix Stone and Nancy Tanchel

Hell’s Bells Helmets owns a utility patent to place 3D designs on motorcycle helmets as well as any other kind of sporting helmet.

Marix Stone & Dr. Nancy Tanchel asked for $500k for a 20% stake. They had $300k in sales last year just for the helmet alone and successfully made a deal for $500k and 50% of the business with Daymond John.


Ink Flip
Photo: Ink Flip

Ink Flip

$150,000 for 20%NO DEALNO SHARK

Entrepreneur: Andy Sperry

Discount Ink Cartridge Refills -Andy Sperry is seeking a $150k investment for a 20% stake in the Ink Business. For the first 6 months, he has only $10k of revenue. He wasn’t able to close a deal with the sharks and can be a good lesson for all future contestants.

Romp and Roll
Photo: rompnroll

Romp and Roll

$300,000 for 10%NO DEALNO SHARK

Entrepreneur: Michael Barnett and Babz Barnett

Romp and Roll offer Kids Gym, Art and Music Classes. A chain of children’s play and learning centers, 10 stores open including 2 corporate ones. Over $4 million in sales in the past 5 years. Michael and Babz Barnett – No Deal

The Twister
Photo: Amazon

The Twister

$85,000 for 40%NO DEALNO SHARK

Entrepreneur: Alfonzo Dowe Sr.

Custom Golf Ball Cleaner invented by Alfonzo Dowe Sr, asking for $85k for a 40% stake in the business. 

The product is easy to use, convenient, and well packaged in a green box. Only patented golf ball cleaner with scrubbing bristles. 

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Executive producer Mark Burnett and Sony Pictures TV and bring another season of the business-themed reality show Shark Tank where major investors, aka “sharks” pitch business ideas from contestants. The show is based on the Japanese reality show “Dragon’s Den.”

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