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Season 3 Episode 12

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In Shark Tank season 3 episode 12 the Sharks fight over an innovative three-in-one nail polish invented by a mother of six girls from West Hartford, CT, who had to sell her engagement ring to start her business. A husband and wife team of feisty New Yorkers believe they have the next big thing in women\’s accessories; two Pittsburgh hockey moms pitch their home-grown tank top business with interchangeable straps; and a couple from Pasadena, CA insist that their unique sippy cups be manufactured in the USA to maintain quality. In a follow up story, the entrepreneurs behind Talbott Teas from Chicago, IL have big news about a deal with Jamba Juice after their TV appearance.

Season 3 Episode 12 in depth

In season 3 guest shark is Lori Greiner. Mark Cuban become a regular shark. Barbara Corcoran appears in 11 episodes.

In season 3 episode 12, the guest judge is Lori Greiner.

Lori Greiner

Lori Greiner is an American television personality, entrepreneur, and inventor. She has been known as the “Queen of QVC” since 2000 and as an investor on the reality TV show Shark Tank and its spin-off Beyond the Tank.

She wrote a book in march 2014 called Invent it, Sell it, Bank it! – Make Your Million Dollar Idea into a Reality.

Lori Greiner is also the founder and president of For Your Ease Only, Inc.

Source: Wikipedia

Lori Greiner
Photo credit: Lori Greiner / Wikipedia

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There is no tomorrow. You’re dead to me if you say ‘no’ to my deal. You’re dead. You’re gone. I don’t even know who you are. You’re a vapor.

Kevin O’Leary

We listed below every entrepreneur and business who has appeared on Shark Tank Season 3 Episode 12. Many scammers claim they’ve received big investments from the Sharks or they have been on the show. If you don’t see a business on this list, they haven’t been actually on Shark Tank. Some of the top places you can use to check are on Wikipedia and also ABC’s episode guide.

List with all the appearances in season 3 episode 12:

Shark Tank Air Date: 04/27/12 – Season 3 – Episode 12

Lollacup Sippy Cups
Photo: Amazon

Lollacup Sippy Cups

$100,000 for 15%$100,000 for 40%Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban

Entrepreneurs: Hanna Lim

LollaCup is a sippy cup product inspired by Mark and Hanna Lim’s kids. To help young children drink effectively, even when the cup is tilted a flexible straw is designed with a weighted end that anchors in the liquid.

All parts and materials conform to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s regulations and are FDA-approved.

It is easy for young children to sip the handle because the straw is valve-free, making it easily removable from the base of the cup for placement in most cup holders. The handles detach with a simple twist in case you’re on the go but are also great for toddlers’ little hands.

Debbie Brooks
Photo: Amazon

Debbie Brooks Handbags and Accesories

$540,000 for 20%NO DEALNO SHARK

Entrepreneurs: Paul D’Auriac & Debbie Brooks

Debbie Brooks is a line of fashionable handbags featuring “magna-fab”, a removable magnet that attaches to the front of the bag, allowing for the design to be changed up.

Although, Paul and Debbie have grown the brand as they had hoped and have become a massive company. Debbie Brooks expanded her product offering more than just handbags and now includes key chains, phone covers, and pendants. The products are made of leather and silk with silver, gold, and metallic accents. 

The brand’s currently available at retailers nationwide as well as online.

Nail Pak
Photo: gracenailcompany

Nail Pak

$50,000 for 20%$50,000 for 40%Lori Greiner

Entrepreneurs: Barbara Lampugnale

Nail Pak combines nail polish, a nail file and fingernail polish remover all in a convenient travel pack. The remover is conveniently on individual pads that fit under the nail polish bottle.

Barbara, the founder needed a solution to minimize all the stuff she carried in her purse such as fingernail polish, a nail file and nail polish remover.  The NailPak includes a nail polish is combined with the polish remover in a self-contained package that comes along with pads and a file.

40 user-friendly, pre-soaked polish remover pads are located at the bottom half houses.

TriMi Tanks
Photo: trimitank

TriMi Tanks with interchangeable straps

$57,000 for 30%NO DEALNO SHARK

Entrepreneurs: Lindsay Johnson and Nicole Bilsky

Trimi Tanks are tank tops with interchangeable straps that make owning just a few tank tops seem like you have a closet full. Ideal for anyone looking to minimize their closet without minimizing their choices.

Every TriMi comes with two standard sets of straps, which are the small black beaded one and the chain. You get to choose another set of straps at no charge with each purchase. You can purchase more for only $5 for a set. 


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Executive producer Mark Burnett and Sony Pictures TV and bring another season of the business-themed reality show Shark Tank where major investors, aka “sharks” pitch business ideas from contestants. The show is based on the Japanese reality show “Dragon’s Den.”

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