Season 4

Season 4 Episode 15

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Shark Tank season 4 episode 15 introduces the successful entrepreneur and creator of the CitiKitty cat toilet training system (Rebecca Rescate from Florence, NJ) returns with a new business idea combining the comfort of a pillow with a favorite piece of clothing. Also, two men from Austin, TX are willing to give the Sharks a 100% stake in their hand-held cooler business; a woman from North Hollywood, CA believes the Sharks will make a lot of green with her environmentally friendly dry cleaning bag; and two recent college graduates and baseball players from San Francisco, CA hope the Sharks bite on their idea for an alternative to chewing tobacco made from coffee grounds. From Season 1, entrepreneur Tiffany Krummins, creator of Ava the Elephant medicine dispenser, gives an update on her latest product, a thermometer sticker for children.

Season 4 Episode 15 in depth

In season 4 sharks are Lori GreinerDaymond JohnKevin O’LearyBarbara CorcoranMark Cuban, and Robert Herjavec and there are no guest sharks this season.

In season 4 episode 15, there is no guest judge.

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Don’t wait for the ‘perfect time,’ you will wait forever. Always take advantage of the time that you’re given.

Daymond John

We listed below every entrepreneur and business who has appeared on Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 15. Many scammers claim they’ve received big investments from the Sharks or they have been on the show. They were not actually on Shark Tank if you don’t see a business on this list. Some of the top places you can use to check are on Wikipedia and also ABC’s episode guide.

List with all the appearances in season 4 episode 15:

Shark Tank Air Date: 02/08/13 – Season 4 – Episode 15

Green Garmento
Photo: Amazon

Green Garmento – EcoFriendly Reusable Laundry Bag

$300,000 for 20%NO DEALNO SHARK

Entrepreneurs: Jennie Nigrosh

Green Garmento is an eco-friendly and functional reusable garment bag that doubles as a hamper. The easy-to-use multi-purpose bag helps organize and green your dry cleaning and laundry routine.

Introduced by Jennie Nigrosh as an alternative to single-use dry cleaning plastic bags. It is a multipurpose, reusable garment bag which also serves as a hanging hamper, duffel bag, and dry cleaning/pick-up bag. The Green Garmento also offers additional sustainable products for laundry, storage, travel, and organization.

Green Garmento brings innovation for the home and to the office, garage and car. Combining the ease of a tote with the size of the laundry bag and the structure of a basket, this perfect combination makes laundry transport a cinch and helps keep neatly folded items in place. Just like in the movies.

Photo: Amazon

HoodiePillow – A Pillow With a Hood

$90,000 in 15%$90,000 for 20%Robert Herjavec

Entrepreneurs: Christopher Hindley and Rebecca Rescaten

HoodiePillow is a pillowcase with a built-in hood for added coziness. Also available as an inflatable travel pillow. The Memory Foam Travel HoodiePillow is the perfect travel neck pillow for airline travel, road trips, sports teams, business traveling, lunch break napping and anyone looking for a little privacy or shut-eye no matter where they are.

The Travel HoodiePillow provides luxury memory foam neck support and ultimate Cocoonification on-the-go! A travel essential, our hooded travel neck pillow contains a super comfortable memory foam insert and 100% fleece material. The portable travel pillow’s adjustable drawstrings can be pulled to create added eye coverage to block out the world around you.

Use while traveling, reading, watching TV, browsing the Internet, studying, listening to music, napping and sleeping patent-pending and crafted from premium sweatshirt material.

Grinds Coffee Pouches
Photo: Amazon

Grinds Coffee Pouches

$75,000 for 10%$75,000 for 15%Daymond John and Robert Herjavec

Entrepreneurs: Matt Canepa and Pat Pezet

Grinds Coffee Pouches are small pouches of flavored coffee. Grinds is a tobacco- and nicotine-free product.

There is no tobacco or nicotine in Grinds Coffee Pouches. We’re proud to call ourselves a healthy alternative to chewing tobacco. The active ingredient in Grinds is coffee, which gives you a boost of energy from caffeine, not tobacco.

Grinds Coffee Pouches were originally designed to help smokeless tobacco users kick their habit. Quitting tobacco can be a long and difficult process, and our alternative tobacco pouches are a healthier option than chewing tobacco.

My Cold Snap

$50,000 for 100% + 12% royaltyNO DEALNO SHARK

Entrepreneurs: Carlos Ortiz and Scott Duff

My Cold Snap is a beverage holder that keeps drinks cold. Carlos Ortiz and Scott Duff, invented My Cold Snap way back in the year 2000. 

They developed a cup that contained ice and could snap on to a can. They received a patent for their original design.

They received $25,0000 after the bankruptcy, while they had spent $200,000 to develop their product. 


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