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Season 7 Episode 8

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Shark Tank season 7 episode 8 introduces a man who has a product he believes is essential in every college dorm room; two Harvard grads transform shrunken sweaters back to their original sizes; and a surfer dude surprises the Sharks with a lucrative proposition. Also, the Sharks are invited to The White house to meet President Barack Obama and Daymond John is honored with a Presidential Ambassadorship.

Season 7 Episode 8 in depth

Actor Ashton Kutcher, music manager Troy Carter, and venture investor Chris Sacca appeared as guest sharks this season.

In season 7 episode 8, there is no guest judge.

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You have to see everything as half-full even though everyone is saying you have nothing in your glass.

Barbara Corcoran

We listed below every entrepreneur and business who has appeared on Shark Tank Season 7 Episode 8. Many scammers claim they’ve received big investments from the Sharks or they have been on the show. They were not actually on Shark Tank if you don’t see a business on this list. Some of the top places you can use to check are on Wikipedia and also ABC’s episode guide.

List with all the appearances in season 7 episode 8:

Shark Tank Air Date: 11/13/15 – Season 7 – Episode 8

Grip Clean
Photo: Amazon

Grip Clean – Natural Industrial Hand Soap Made With Dirt

$85,000 for 20%$85,000 for 35%Lori Greiner

Entrepreneurs: Bryce Hudson

Grip Clean, the all-natural industrial hand soap to remove grease, was invented by Bryce Hudson. Their All-Natural formula was made for workers with dry, cracked, and sensitive skin. It is ensuring your skin is deep cleaned, never cracks or dries and moisturizes with olive oil and coconut oil.

Bryce Hudson is a XGames medalist, professional motocross rider, and stunt rider. Grip Clean is a liquid soap based on vegetables and infused with key lime that brings a smooth feeling. For any automotive mechanic, professional painter, industrial environment, or on-the-go worker, these additions make it an excellent waterless hand cleaner.

Dirt is one of the most effective substances on the planet for absorbing grease, oils, chemicals, and toxins. 

Photo: Amazon

AfreSHeet (Peel Away Labs) – Layered Bed Sheets

$100,000 for 20%NO DEALNO SHARK

Entrepreneurs: Maxwell Cohen

Sleep on these disposable fitted bed sheets for 7-10 days (or until soiled), then simply peel back a layer and throw away! Instantly, In just seconds your bed have a comfortable and clean sheet.

While sleeping, you’ll be cooler, thanks to this breathable waterproof membrane that is combined with the special blend of Viscose, Bamboo, and Polyester fibers. No more hassle of laundry. Saving water and electricity can reduce the environmental impact by using Peelaways which eliminating the need to launder your sheets.

Softer than a traditional bed sheet. For an unbelievably soft sheet, it is made from a special blend of fibers. It keeps you comfortable and cool all night as it is waterproof and with breathable. Absorbent fibers capture perspiration and liquids. The penetration of liquids to the next layer is prevented by the waterproof laminate. The potential spread of infectious diseases is neutral by Peelaways.


Polar Pro
Photo: Amazon

Polar Pro – GoPro Camera Filters, Microphones, and Accessories

$500,000 for 10%$1,000,000 for 20%Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban

Entrepreneurs: Jeff Overall

Polar Pro is the California-based company that first started by specializing in manufacturing accessories for GoPro cameras. The company’s line of products now includes a range of filters and mounts for a range of devices that include cameras, drones, mobile phones, monitors and more.

With Polar Pro, photo and video enthusiasts can choose from variable neutral density filters, circular polarizer filters, neutral density filters, and ultraviolet filters.

Within weeks of appearing on Shark Tank, Polar Pro sales shot up to over 2500%. The exposure also led to relationships with several stores including consumer electronics giant, Best Buy.

Photo: Amazon

Unshrinkit – Restores Shrunken Clothing to Original Size

$150,000 for 10%$150,000 for 15%Mark Cuban

Entrepreneurs: Nate Barbera and Desiree Davis Stolar

Unshrinkit helps save shrunken wool clothing that fell victim to a dryer mistake. In a gallon of water, add UnshrinkIt and then soak for 30 minutes the sweater, before you rinse. After that just reshape the sweater and let it dry.

In order to allow you to straighten out the fibers again, the proteins in wool are relaxes the bonds and interacting with their patent-pending product. You can remove the solution by rinsing the sweater in cold water, once you’ve straightened the fibers. 

Your clothes are shrinking because of the break of the protein bonds due to the heat or agitation of the washer/dryer and cause the fibers to curl up into a ball. 

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