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Season 7 Episode 19

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Shark Tank season 7 episode 19 introduces two business partners who believe they have created the perfect fire-starting solution; a small-town couple built their successful family-owned restaurant from the ground up and now want to sell their most popular item across the country; two fitness buffs are confident that their space-saving equipment will transform the way Americans work out at home; Plus, a follow-up on Three Jerks Jerky in which Daymond John invested earlier this season.

Season 7 Episode 19 in depth

Actor Ashton Kutcher, music manager Troy Carter, and venture investor Chris Sacca appeared as guest sharks this season.

In season 7 episode 19, there is no guest judge.

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I could have easily gone down the wrong path and dropped out of school, but I was given a second chance.

Kevin O’Leary

We listed below every entrepreneur and business who has appeared on Shark Tank Season 7 Episode 19. Many scammers claim they’ve received big investments from the Sharks or they have been on the show. They were not actually on Shark Tank if you don’t see a business on this list. Some of the top places you can use to check are on Wikipedia and also ABC’s episode guide.

List with all the appearances in season 7 episode 19:

Shark Tank Air Date: 02/21/16 – Season 7 – Episode 19

Photo: Amazon

InstaFire – Fire Starting Pellets for Camping, Charcoal, and Emergency Kits

$300,000 for 10%$300,000 for 30%Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner

Entrepreneurs: Konel Banner and Frank Weston

Insta-Fire can starts fires quickly and it is a simple, safe, and versatile product. A patented blend of wood pellets, volcanic rock, and paraffin wax is what makes Insta-Fire unique. This patented formula is what makes Insta-Fire water resistant for use in even the most severe weather such as rain, snow or high winds.

Insta-Fire provides a clean, safe, and natural way to start a fire, anywhere a fire is needed,. You can use Insta-Fire as a reliable and safe fuel source for cooking in emergencies or while camping to light campfires, or prepare charcoal briquettes.

The founders of InstaFire are the leaders of fire starting technology with over 40 years of combined outdoor and business experience. Konel Banner and Frank Weston co-developed the patented technology that exists with InstaFire. 

Rags to Raches
Photo: Amazon

Rags to Raches – Kid’s Rompers and Shirts

$200,000 for 20%$200,000 for 15%Robert Herjavec

Entrepreneurs: Rachel Nilsson

Rags to Raches is founded by Rachel Nilsson and it offers a line of stylish baby rompers She first started selling handmade clothes on Instagram, where they were selling out quickly. She created her company after realizing there is a high demand for it.

Within a month of her appearance on Shark Tank, her sales quadrupled and more than 100 retailers reached out to sell the products. 

PRx Performance
Photo: Amazon

PRx Performance – Folding Rack for Home Gym

$80,000 for 10%$80,000 for 20% + 20% of profitKevin O’Leary

Entrepreneurs: Erik Hopperstad and Brian Brosh

Erik and Brian expanded their home gym storage system into a business and commercial space after developed a home gym storage system for themselves. 

PRx Profile Rack saves you space at home because it folds within inches of the wall. It is perfect for both commercial and home gyms where space is limited!

Their home gym equipment company, known for its wall-mounted squat racks, expands into a full line of home gym equipment and accessories. Their patent-pending Profile® Racks can revolutionize and easily transform your garage or home into a gym.

Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili
Photo: custardstand

Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili

$400,000 for 10%NO DEALNO SHARK

Entrepreneurs: Dee Cowger and Angie Cowger

Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili is a great for topping burgers, hot dogs, fries and it is 100% beef chili. The Custard Stand is owned and operated by Dee and Angie Cowger, founded in West Virginia in 1991 and in the beginning was just a simple take-out hot dog place. 

Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili is available at Kroger, Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart, IGA, along with smaller chains and independent grocery stores. It’s great on hot dogs for picnics, cookouts, camping trips, tailgating, lunch and dinner. 

For nearly a century, this family recipe hot dog chili has been available in Webster Springs, WV. Originally offered at a local dairy bar, this hot dog chili is now served at our family restaurant. A more traditional bowl chili Custard Stand Chili Soup with Beef and Beans was introduced in 2010. 

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